• Biggest Stage Backdrop Ever

    A massive 10x20 foot design that literally crashed my computer. I'm so glad I was able to finish it on my brothers computer. I think it turned out great for this elementary school stage turned church worship background.


  • Amazing Animated Commercial from Chipotle

    We take our kids to Chipotle quite a bit. We love that they serve food that has no antibiotics or hormones and fresh produce purchased from local farms. They are not totally GMO free but it is their aim is to be the first restaurant to be 100% GMO free. They are against the norm when it comes to traditional fast food restaurants. This amazing, eerily-animated commercial from Chipotle is a bold statement to other fast food chains. I hope they all get on the healthy, GMO-free food bandwagon.

  • Wall-e Costume in 1 Night

    I'm taking a crack at blogging over at my sister, Rebecca's crafting blog, Le Petite Arbre. This was a Halloween costume I made in one night with things I had in my garage. Check out her blog to read the full story.

  • Collaberation Art with a 4-year old

    This illustrator is already a talented artist, then add in some strangeness from her 4-year old daughter's doodles, and it becomes super awesomeness. I love all these pieces, but these beaver people in outer space are my favorite. If anyone wants to buy me the T-shirt I would be pleased to wear it.  These artists always inspire me to do my own artwork, someday when I have TIME!

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